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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When chicken and ducks try to communicate..

Okay, dalam bahasa melayunya, bila ayam dan itik cuba bercakap/berbual..tahu tak apa natijahnya?

So, i really hate to be in a position where i have to sit in the middle of conversations/meeting where i could not thoroughly gives my opinion on. It makes me feel totally stupid and i hate that. hahahaha so, what to do?

You see, i like to believe that my heart belongs to biotechnology. And now being stranded in different field such Plant Physiology, i feel suffocated. Trying to catch up with everyday-new-terms in Plant Physio, like, Photosynthesis (Okay, yang ni takpela sume orang pon tahu), plant morphologyla, phytomonitoring la, how to do fertigation, fertilizer, compost and what not, it all makes me feels that i am a lumpy person, you know..and i really hated that situation.

But, alhamdulillah as for now, my boss is okay and i think i can follow his steps. And during the meeting, i was so shy to introduce myself to the people (yela first time guna table microphone and The Mic was the one i kept staring at whenever we have meeting and such, never realise i would have been given chance to use it heh) , i was stuttered with the broken english where people stared at me. I hate, i hate. i hate!

But when they were told that i have an expertise in molecular, everyone was like Waaaaahhh....(melopong). Me dalam hati says "dorang tak tahu yang aku ni bukan terer sangat pon" sambil tersengih macam kerang busuk. cis.

So, itu je .hehehehe

P/s: i will update u guys with the convo picture later on la eh. promise.


crack cracker said...

hahaha..tu la asam garam dunia kerjaya..

aeryn said...

s. alam: oh, mcm tu ke dunia keje sebenar?

(tetibe rasa mcm nak belajar lagi)

AyinEmran said...

woot to molecular!

bestnya bestnya. gamba konvo plis.

aeryn said...

ayin: woot lah sangat beb, gambar kono aku sume gumuk2, so how la? huhu

aeryn said...

ralat di atas:kono=konvo