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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sometimes i forget how to breath.. has been a long time since i havent up dated my many thing had happened in my life..and it were all collided..Things undone and had happened:

1. Trip to Pangkor (Of which i have not done a blog a bout it..still waiting picture from Rahimah)..

2. And one of the torturest moment in my life..(Of which i think i wont spill it out) really2 stressed me out untill i was admitted to the nearest clinic by my collegue due to the fact that the stress affected both my physiology and phsycology. Dr said that i was too stress and gave me anti-stress pills which make me more and more sick!

3. My engagement ceremony. It was disastrous indeed i must i too perfectionist? not a bit! i just blame my self for the last minute preparation.

All the pictures will be up dated soon after i collect it from respective person.

ohh..sometimes i forget how to breath..(in a proper way..)