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Friday, June 27, 2008

Another vain..

Ouupss he did it again! After i have been waiting for almost a year and what have i got again and again was. DISSAPOINTMENT. I have no idea on how to approach him. To get it done.

I can not be bias.
I can not get mad at him. (Because he is the ONE who could fail me)
I can not spill it out to his face (as the same reason)
I can not report it to the highest authorities.
I HAVE to pay the school fee again. (thanks to him for the delay)
I am terribly MAD at him.
Im dead broke. (People cant understand my situation. no one does)
I feel like drowning.
I want to take a break from ALL these nonsense.
I want to run away. (To places that no one could have known me)

BUT ...of course i cant do All of that, could not i?

A good cry, can it help me?

Mercy on me,.... Please.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My birthday Bash

I was never been surprised for my birthday bash cuz usually i dont celebrate it as much people do with all the parties and such. Just not my custom i think? i remember that the last birthday that i had was when i was nine years old. Come to think of it. Hahaha

SO. Lucky me that fiance had a meeting at Putrajaya and he managed to spend time with me after that. He gave me this for my birthday. Thanks hunny!

A novel of my long time favorite author, Grisham!

And ALso the fabulous lunch we had.

So, when he brought me to dinner at just kopitiam (OLDTOWN, bad.bad.bad. service), while prior to this he keeps on mentioning fancy place for the dinner, i began to sulk. Here the proof. hahaha
Gambar ni perlu dikecilkan, sangat hodoh.

When he tried to snap my sulking-ugly face, i out burst a hilarious laugh. Cant control it. Hahahaha.

And we chat over this creamy ice tea and out of nowhere, came these monsters to surprise me up. Together with the Secret Recipe's Choc Mud Sinful BAD.BAD.BAD. Cake. hehehe. They really surpised me cuz i just thought that they might not be coming and usually we just lepak at mamak's.

From David Cook!BUT, Ipoh Mali.hehehe

Me, Yan and Yong. They planned this for me!

Itu! Kek Sedap!

It's Me. Killing it softly..

It's piece a cake!

So, i thanks to this Myknightandshinningarmour for the lovely birthday bash i ever had in my life..i love him even more time by time..And also to yong, yan and ima that had put on all their effort to make it happened. Thanks guys!

And also to Ayin for the blog about my birthday.


Monday, June 23, 2008


Is my 26th Birthday.
As always,
I'm hoping for the better life and world full of love and bless.
May Allah bless me and the life i have.

And..only animated cake that i got for myself..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

To L..this one is my heart out..

Basically, i find that blog is the only way to channel all of my feelings inside. Sometimes it gets even harder to speak up to people rather than blogging. Either way, some will find blogging is useless. So this is the only way to speak.

I do not know how "bitch" i am when it comes to the friends concepts. In the sense, i think i am losing some of friends by the time goes by.. I just do not know where it went wrong. whether i am snobbish-stuck up bitch, selfish or ignorant S.O.B., or taking them for granted??? perhaps?? i really need to know like sometime i feel like a cat who wanted to know the truth until it kills ya..So guys, if you read this out, i am open to accept the confessions.

Maybe you think that this is mushy thing to blog about, but to tell you the truth, i really value all of my trusted friend (the one who can/ used to be in my circle of life)...

i had 2 friends, L and D ( For her, i really do no want to talk about).... L is a teacher is some isolated area in sarawak or sabah eh? (i always get confused those sabah and sarawak area). i known her since i was at UKM and we get close to each other, We shared the same interest on tennis, clothes, shoes, loved hangin out together at KLCC (Masa naive dolu2 suka g sana), and we almost shared joyful and tears together.

I thought that she is my best friend at the time. If she cant remember all of my concerns where when nobody else wanted to take care of her, no one even wanted to be by her side when she needed companion,and no one even bother to bring her to the hospital when she was sick, i cant say more am i?. So ironically, NOW she went over blast in the friendster claiming that she had the best of friends and left me out of the list. Boleh? Sort of like ignoring my existence.

One thing that i notice to myself is that i am downright kinda person. I hate hypocracy and basically i just tell what inside my heart to people straight to their faces. To L, she claimed that her life is so unworthy just because she is still single. At first, i tried to console her and tell, "hey, it is ok to be single at this time around because u are still young, attractive and u have to enjoy life to the fullest".

She excepted it and this didn't last long. I didn't even bother to pick her calls during the night (where tomorrow is the working day), during kenduri (where i sneaked out from the crowd just to listen to her problem) and even during shower!. She didn't know this because i really care for her feeling ( tak mahu terasa hati)..

One day, i thought of it was better to tell her truth when she text me saying that why men can't understand her and why life is cruel to her and why everything seems wrong to her..My reply was,

"L, i think you like to complicate your life while it is not that bad. Come on, why dont you just relax and chill out and enjoy your life. By the least, u still have ur family, ur mum to turn too while im not, and there are a lot of people that are less fortunate than you"

There. I said it. And. Kappppooofff! Off she goes and never come back.

For L, i would like to say i never ditched her away from my life and i will never ever take back my word for the fact that it was all the truth. And if you can not except me and for what i said, u are welcome to hurt my heart back by telling me where i went wrong to u..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The happening..

Last nite me with my fiance went for a movie of Mr. Night Shymalan, The Happening. I must say that the movie was scaring indeed. Why? i gives credits to Mr. Night Shymalan for the brilliant idea and obviously he has done his homework by research.

As a biochemist, i found this story as interesting as it can be compared to my fiance ( He is from engineering line so he does not speak biology). It was about the war between nature and human being. The story line was asimilated from a nature phenomenon known as "Red Tide" where the trees releases a chemical that functions as neurotoxins that acts antagonistically to the neurotransmitter of human being. That will cause people to stop think rationally and somehow triggers themselves to suicide in the most gruesome way. I do think that the actions of toxins will cause chaosity in the human brain. AND to make it worst, this toxins is an airborne! As i watched it, i really feel it real. i really do.

Mark Wahlberg acted as science teacher that understand the nature and survive the "tide" until it was over. At the same time, Mr. Night Shymalan has touched the audience with a little bit of love by the wife.

At the end of the story i think that Mr. Night Shymalan has succedeed to scares the audience, and this time, not with the ghosts and zombies, but indeed with the other way. What can i conclude here is that, the thing that is always close to us, and really can soothe us can also be the deadliest thing ever in our life. And Mr. Night Shymalan has found it and make it to the people.

And oohh.. before i forgot, there has been some flaws in the movie where people can see visible microphone (or the boom) that were used in this film. I catched to see one.

I gave 3.5 stars to the movie. hehehehe (rasa macam movie crytic plak)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Gambar pertunangan Norazrin dan Mohd Fazli..

Seperti yang dijanjikan..saya akan memuat turunkan gambar2 pertunangan saya pada 22 Mac 2008. Too many flaws.I'm truly sorry. So, here's goes:

1. Bersama my future mom in law

2. Ketika menyarungkan cincin..menyampahhhhh..(tak pandai posing, tiada lapik bantal yang proper ok? sampai skrang tak puas ati)

3. Bersama mama jejajo, kakak memang free hair, ok?

4. Bersama future sis in law, ana..dia pon dah bertunang..

5. Bersama tunang saya yang comel..hehehehe

6. Saya dan dia lagi..hehehe...

So that was all about my engagement ceremony..ada beberapa ralat di hati yang mana saya tak perlu ungkapkan di sini..seperti contoh, ketidakhadiran beberapa orang penting dalam hidup saya..


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rising of the Black Gold...

Well..more and more disaster is coming..

The latest was the rising of the petrol price as much as 40% that is from RM 1.92 to RM2.70. And that was BULLSHIT. Enough said.

Err..i still wanna talk about though.. i mean the idea of increasing the price of the valuable "black gold" was totally ridiculous. And the idea of rebate also does not make any "F WORD" sense. I mean it was not fair to those people (like me) who has the "unsatisfying" salary AND travel far-far away from my work place to my home. Di mana KEADILAN???!!! hehehe (errr can u still smiling at this time chokin' around?)...sigh....

Lucky me that i was already filled up my tanks prior to the rising.. But then i still have to came over the the massive traffic jam yesterday caused by the "PETROL MEGA SALE"..thanks to our government for the brilliant idea to rise up the price of the petrol and super duper genius for constructing the MRR2 inefficiently hence causing us the Malaysian citizens much much more in vain.

To add up more pain in the arse, i bumped to watch one of the panel of consumer rights to speak of the issue of the rising price of the petrol and what has came out from his "F WORD" mouth was really2 annoying. What was he said? He said that this is the time for the rakyat to show their ability to manage the monthly budget and spend money "more" wisely. Ok. That was Shitty.

O.K...Maybe i am not the economist who knows the economy things like the back of my hand but still i have to voice out my unsatisfaction towards the issue. Something has to be done in order to attract more outside investment into our country to upgrade the economy.

And the salary of worker in the private sector has to be increase in order to minimize the rakyat's burden (like me). I do feel there was a lot of difference between our nowadays kerajaan and 10 years back. Ohh. now i miss the touch of the previous government...Am i being overrated?..Come on man, i just voice out my opinion and as the democratic country, i am freely can speak what ever i wanna speak, am i? Take it or leave it.

I am thinking about restructuring my way of life, cope with this issue. Maybe i rent a house near to my office so that i can walk. Or even by bicycle, perhaps? and cut of lunch or prepare food from home..cut down shopping. no more shoes. no more outside food galore. no more movies. Sit back and enjoy the pain at my home.

I hate my life right now. I really do. Mind me people..i have the rights.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sorrow ...

I just got back from attending one funeral of one of the relatives that she died because of cancer in the liver. Mixed up with my own feelings, i am terribly hating my self right now and eventhough i am not supposed to feel like that. i looked back at all the sins that i have done in my life just make me feel that i am not ready to die at this age simply because i have not repenting at some of the things that i have totally regretted did it last time in my life..and there seems not much of ibadah (sunnah) that i do nowadays selain dari yang wajibla..

We can not know when we are gonna die, arent we?

Semoga roh Allahyarhamah makcik timah binti hj amin dicucuri rahmat..dan semoga diampunkan dosa2nya..amiiin...

and back to my sorrowfulness-pathetic kinda life..(actually i kinda happy with this way..err is ayat penyedap hati norazrin??)

i am again feeling a bit of disappointed, jealousy and tired of some people that keep whining at small stuff or things that they think that was all the burden in the world that they have to come across to.

A friend of mine was calling me up at one day while i was in a middle of a work just to say that she was a bit hurted by some people's thought or a comment to her. i fell like as she was spill it all up to me, i was not focusing at the issue but rather to self pity my self (i know i shouldnt done that) but yeahh, i was devastated actually. in a real life. much than her do. Why cant people like her that always gets what they want in life be thankful and bersyukur to Allah for all the blessing? that was emblazoned in my mind..

how come you can be affected by someones opinion or thoughts? i mean like me, i like to mind my own business and alhamdulillah up until now i can survive out of it.

i need a good sleep la..

Monday, June 2, 2008

Shelot's Wedding reception

Hi Kawan2..apa kabar? sihat tak semuanya? bagus...

Hari ini saya mahu mengupas topik perkahwinan kawan saya yang bernama shasila tokiran, atau nama komersialnya adalah SHELOT..Tahniah kepada dia kerana telah selamat menunaikan sebahagian sunnah Rasul..these are some of the photos:

This is me, bergambar dengan pengantin..

Saya lagi..kekoknye berada atas pelamin..(hehe takut runtuh mungkin?)

oh..All of these make me feel more nervous just to think about the BIG word. MARRIAGE. i just self conscious just to think about the perfect wedding dress, how am i gonna do to smile perfectly when the photo session, can the catering promise me that the guests feel more satisfy with the food?

Can i do marriage? can i believe that this will promise me a happy way kind of life ahead?
Ok.. i am mengada-ngada kan?

............(Bunyi cengkerik)