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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Latest on Jebat and Kakak Aiyris

Daddy and Jebat
Doning a bee costume. Imma BEEEEEE
Kakak Aiyris nak sangat dokong Jebat. Ha hambekkk.
Hello. Ain't i macho?

Jebat Foo.

Latest on both of them:

  1. Jebat now already learned how to roll over and chapchai the floor whenever mommy did not notice. Just when mommy at the kitchen so caught up with cooking and stuff and suddenly such calamity could be feel in the house, that is exactly the moment of Jebat sucking out the floor. Haishh..
  2. He can be so sweet with a little grin and smile all the way melting mommy's heart.
  3. Kakak Aiyris so you know what she wants people call her, now seems so like a real big sister to Jebat. At times she want to lift her little brother and make me scream all the way from the kitchen.
  4. Kakak is sooooo into Frozen. Frozen songs and a lot round of Frozen on tv. to the extent mommy knows ALL the songs and some of the dialogs. 
  5. Now the bed is being conquered over by this two siblings.