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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ikan keli salai masak lemak cili api you ols!

Ok, mak jemah nak share resipi ni. Ikan keli salai masak lemak cili api you ols!


  1. Ikan keli salai
  2. Cili api
  3. Kunyit hidup
  4. Serai 3 batang
  5.  Daun kunyit
  6. Santan pekat
  7. Jus Limau nipis
  8. Garam secukup rasa

Ya Allah, senang gila nak masaknye ni..
  1. Tumbuk cili padi dan kunyit hidup sampai lumat (Bahan A)
  2. Titikkan serai, hiris nipis daun kunyit (Daun kunyit ni mak jemah amek kat luar aje)
  3. Masukkan semua bahan dalam periuk (kecuali jus limau nipis tu), panaskan api perlahan, agak menggelegak, masukkan jus limau nipis, dan garamkan secukup rasa.
  4. Dah menggelegak dan santannya pun dah masak, tadaaaa siap dah kau!

Sedap dimakan bersama sambal belacan dan kailan goreng ikan masin. ulam lagi sedap. umangaihh..

Friday, March 23, 2012

10 Random thoughts

Random thoughts:

1) Aku hairan, kenapa ada anak yang sanggup melukakan hati mak ayah yang melahirkan dan membesarkan dari kau kecil tapak tangan. Lari dari rumah ikut teman lelaki lepas tu claim kena culik?? macam haram je perangai macam tu. ok? boleh pergi la terjun lombong kalau macam tu.

2) Lepas ni aku nak kena gi port dickson. Ada seminar KPI di Hotel Avillion Admiral Cove. Tah macam mana rupa hotel tu, jap lagi tahu la.

3) Aku rasa suara Liyana Jasmay ni macam budak kecik.

4) Setiap hari dengar JOHARA buat aku gila gelak sorang-sorang dalam kereta.

5) Gaji dah masuk semalam yeay! tapi boleh tak sedar semalam banyak giler keja hahahaha

6) Moral of the story for yesterday: jangan lawan tokey PROTEOMIC wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

7) You will know your body is sleep deprived even when your eyes are open, but you do not realize the       surroundings and unalert. like sleep walking. zombie. zomba.

8) Sleep deprived also can reduce the level of leptin hormone, that responsible to control your hunger. So bila hormon ni berkurangan dalam badan kau, kau akan rasa lapar dan makan secara berlebihan keesokan harinya. Maka mari kita tidur awal setiap hari pukul 10 dah tido

9) Tengok orang kurus buat aku stress. Tak cukup makankah engkau? Engkau makan lagi banyak dari aku pun kurus dan ini tidak adil! hahahaha..

10)  Ego will get you nowhere.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Judgemental we are.

It is the norm of human life that people always and more likely to make assumptions. And normally they like to make assumption based on the first impression, and to make it more worse, it stops there. Without any further investigation and questions back whether the assumption is true or not. Everyone does it. Even me.Sometimes.

Just like the one case happened where the old and sick mother who is left at the the motel. And we snapped out and assumed and being a judgmental as we were, we took the liberty and the responsibility to make verdict that the son is GUILTY. Very few of us who actually take a moment to digest and ask what is actually happened. Are we in the son's/the mother's shoes to feel the real reality?

Just take a look at this.

It turned out ALL are wrong. once again, based on our biased assumptions, the son is terminated from work, lost his job and the source of income. The son is actually went for an eye operations and with no one who he could depend on to look after the mother, he has no choice rather than to leave the mother at the motel which is near the hospital.

Ask ourselves. Are we there to help him? Where are the other relatives? Where are the friends that he can rely on? All words and no action makes no difference.

And the charred remain of Dirang's case. One whole BIG picture that we FAILED to see. Almost all woman i know said that the mother is guilty to have let the girl went to the stores alone to buy Maggi instant noodle and eggs,and the mother is so self-centered busy with the Facebook and so on. But do we really know the situation? The mother is still in the confinement after giving birth for the third child. and ask ourselves. Where are the neighborhood when the incident happened? 

So, people. try not to quickly jump into the bandwagon and make a total wrong assumption. Takes time and don't ever judge people as it is the Allah's right to assume.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2-year-olds want what they want when they want it,they want to know just how rules are defined and they really do need lots of coaching from you.

Thought that this read from baby center would be useful for first time mommy like me. Hope we could be benefit from it.

"There's no doubt that your 2-year-old is testing you, but it's not in the way you think. At this age, children are grappling with standards of behavior and trying to grasp the rules of the family. They're stuck between needing you to make them comply and "owning" a rule so that they follow it even when you're not around. Combine this slowly emerging ability to follow directives with a 2-year-old's natural self-centeredness, though, and it's easy to see that the road to obedience won't be smooth.

First, 2-year-olds want what they want when they want it. They sometimes see giving in to you as a real loss. Second, they want to know just how rules are defined. (If I sit this close to the edge of the step, will they tell me to move back? How about this close?) Third, they really do need lots of coaching from you.
So remind yourself that this testing is healthy rather than manipulative. The question, then, is what to expect from your child. Probably not too much. Rather than being dismayed by her disobedience, adopt a different mindset. Try to make your home a place where the number of no's isn't overwhelming. And don't leave it all up to her; make compliance a cooperative effort. If you don't want her to play with your crystal collection, for instance, make sure the china cabinet is locked and keep other valuables out of her reach. If you collect rare books, stow them on the top shelf instead of constantly reminding your child that she can't take these special books out to look at. Learn to pick your battles — it'll help you along the long road of parenting, especially when adolescence hits. And remember to have a sense of humor. After all, 2-year-olds can be pretty funny and ingenious when they're pushing the limits."

P/s: i am in love with baby center.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tribute to Whitney Houston

Tajuk tak boleh blah. Tapi disebabkan Chef Ismail post beberapa lagu mendiang maka aku pun sedar yang aku adalah minat kepada mendiang ni.

Well, to begin with, i kinda grew up with her songs. Yang paling hysterical adalah lagu ni: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Lagu ni kalau takde music background pun aku rasa sedap. Goosebump bila dengar. Suara memang Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera ke Rihanna ke tak boleh lawan punya. Aku ingat ni citer The Bodyguard. 

Memang masa tengok tu kalau boleh nak laki yang macam Bill Costner yang memang macho tu. Paling romantik masa Whitney atas pentas tengah perform then orang laki ramai-ramai serang dia, masa tu Bill costner defend Whitney aduhainya punn sangat romantik! arhhhh cair. sila muntah. Speaking of which, aku nak cari dvd citer tu lah.
Romantik kan? Yang belum kawen tak boleh macam ni.

Comel kan?

And aku rasa Whitney Houston Adalah nigger yang cantik. Lagi cantik dari Beyonce and Rihanna. 

Nigger yang cantik

Next lagu ni, masa zaman terkinja2 aku dulu. I....wanna dance with somebody.. haha jangan tak tahu, ateh aku dulu belikan aku baju yang rambu ramba siap ada handbag masa umur aku 5-6 tahun macam tu. Make up toksah citer masa ni. eye shadow 5-7lapis, maskara, rambut mesti mengerbang punya (kredit kepada rambut aku yang sedia mengerbang). korang boleh imagine tak?ha anting-anting panjang jangan lupa.  Pastu tergedik2 menari lagu ni. Kekonon buat video klip ar hahaha memang tak boleh blah. Ye aku dari kecik sudah gedik. sekian.

Lebih kurang macam ni la fenyen aku dulu..
 Lawak tak? korang boleh bayangkan aku, ye, AKU macam di atas?

Satu lagi..I have nothing..pun best gak.

Kalau heart broken masa dulu-dulu cinta monyet bodoh masa sekolah dulu dengar la lagu ni ..Where Do Broken Hearts Go. Best. Best. Best! (Gatal kau kecik-kecik dah gatal bercinta..mana ada..)

Cantik ;)

Lepas-lepas tu aku dah tak berapa layan dah Whitney ..lagu dia yang terakhir masa aku form 4, Heart Break Hotel. Asal balik sekolah je dengar lagu dia. Pastu dah tak famous dah dia kat hati aku. cewah. 

Suka gambar ni ;)

Tup-tup dengar dia meninggal. Dah sampai ajal. Pasal apa unknown rasanya. Tapi maybe sebab overdose drug ni.

Kesian dia. Laki dia Bobby Brown pun tak dapat ziarah dia. And im gonna miss this STAR for ever.