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Monday, August 10, 2009

Percubaan berani mati..

Permulaan yang tak begitu baik, saya rasa.

Baru sehari kerja di tempat baru, dah dilanda demam dan m.c sebanyak dua hari. Then come back to work and people here staring at me like im carrying the h1n1 virus, despite of the normal flu and fever (but alhamdulillah, it was normal fever then).

Then suddenly got emergency case, my F.I.L fell sick and we have to rush back to kampung.

Anyway, now, on the second week, im back on track again. With post fever flu phlegm and what not, and i have to prepare the proposal.

Betul-betul masih tak tahu how to put myself in this workplace.

Eventhough with a nice temporary office, still, i got guts to up dating my blog tehehehehe..

k, get back to work!

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