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Friday, August 28, 2009


Remember Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy in an espisode ( i cant remember which one) but the one with a serial killer who sat in a dead sentence in a bout 5 days, and he had at the same time brain tumor? Where McDreamy and Christina Yang went on opposite idea/feeling towards the patients as Meredith felt sympathy / sorry for him?

It is ironic isn't ?

But being Meredith Grey whose known as Dark and twistered or whatever not, she genuinely understand of why the guy became serial killer.

The guy learned how to read below the sinks and being beaten since childhood. Sad, and Meredith knows it.

This feeling goes the same with me, when i saw this. Should he been beaten up that bad for the crime he had done, and what gives peoples rights just to punished him before laws?

I just confused with myself today. I bet Meredith sometimes feels the same way too. Too miserable and chaos. And people like us ( dark twistered and whatever) just feel that way.

Enough of that.

Well, last nite me and gurlfriend went out to mcD after taraweh (since i missed you all so much that makes me snap our pictures together), Yan says like this "Weh, aku kagum la min ni setiap hari leh update blog".

Dear, if i like to blog in a day, i would be blogging all day long without stop (since idea datang mencurah-curah or that my heart need to say it out loud). And if i did not have the mood, there you goes, sampai berbulan-bulan pun takde update.

Besides, isnt it nice to read your friends blog more often? knows how he/she feels and their wherebouts..What happen in their life or whether they need your hands in a hard situation or..

You see, i have so much to blog in here. This, is my territory of putting what i thought and feels..Since i have been shutted up for long..

Hope you guys do not get bored reading my blog !


MiSzEniGmA said...

aiyo..ingat ade la gambar bj tenfomes..haha

aeryn said...

yong:aah lupa nak upload daaaa. Aku merinduimu, Ting tong!