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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eyes open

You got something they dont..
remember that..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aku tengah marah ni.

There are 2 types of people: 1)who listen and obey 2) who still listen but dont give a damn on what u saying.

I found this second people everywhere. In the family, at home and sometimes people i met in 2 minutes. I could reckon. And people like this usually having problems ALL the times. They have problems not because they are destined by God, But it was the consequences that they made themselves.

You have one trouble. That is ok. It is normal. BUT dont ADD UP the problem until it double, triple or quartered themselves! Maksudnya, kau dah ada satu masalah, JANGAN tambahkan masalah kau.

Take time to settle the problem. on step at a time. If you could NOT afford to settle it, ask for help. Apa mati ke kau kalau minta tolong kat orang, saudara mara kau sendiri? kawan kau? mati eh. Oh, boleh kau tolong aku..erk ..erkk..mati. Macam tu ke?

Come on la. I been there myself. Pernah tak cukup duit nak makan, petik terung cili api kat kebun orang nak makan, cari kerja sana sini, sara adik lagi masa aku kat u. Ya aku susah sangat masa tu. Tapi aku tak malu nak minta tolong pada makcik aku. Ok fine aku hutang la yuran tu tapi aku dah setel dah pun sikit2. lama-lama setel hutang tu. SEE? PROBLEM CAN BE SOLVE. 

Ini la namanya BODOH SOMBONG. Kau bodoh, tapi sombong nak minta tolong kat orang. At the end aku jugak yang solvekan problem kau.

Aku bosan amek alih tugas kau. Bosan!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I feel her, back in 2001.

I feel her. Back in 2001, in a corner in an ICU unit at HUKM. And the feeling is beyond any words can describe. p/s: please prepare some tissue paper on your own ok, tengs bai.