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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Songs and friends

I always like good songs. No matter it is rock,pop,hip hop,jazz, ballads or whatsoever (Err..except for dangduts and hindies songs). And i kinda always relate one song that i think suit to my friends..hehehe (even without their approval on this ideas). The list are :

a)Yong: Over You-Chris Daughtery
b)Ayin: Menanti Sebuah Jawaban-Padi
c)Imah: Somewhere only we know-Keane
d)Yan: You and Your Hands-Pink
e) Me: Underneath it all-Gwen.

I love all my friends. No matter how far they are, or how things had happened between us, the laughter and happy moments, the tears that we hare together. But of course only to those who appreciate. I remember the time back then when i had the hard time in and my confidantes, ayin, had been very strong and patience to get through. I remember we used to picked terung, cili api and buah limau at MBT's farm for free of course. We have to be very thrifty at that time and we always had nasi goreng only for each and every day. I actually treasure the moment up until now..

And i remember when i cried uncontrollable in front of yong due to the difficult time in my life. i am the one hardly cries, but once i cry, it cant be stop..

I miss you my friends..i love u guys..


P/s: Cant wait for tomorrow!yay!


Pali said...

rase nk ikut je gi pangkor..bosan lak keje hari ni..

AyinEmran said...

ish, segan la bitau org! hehe. kredit utk maton, jgn lupe.

MiSzEniGmA said...

hahaha..luv u too min!

aeryn said...

hehehe..i love u all guys..;P

Pali said...

update blog plss