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Friday, January 11, 2008


Mi amiga

La amiga es la persona que intima con nosotros. Tengo uno amiga que es muy amable. Se llama Dyane.Ella tiene veintidos anos, lo misma conmigo. Ella es una mujer muy guapa y bondadosa tambien. Ella es muy agraciada. Entonces, ella tiene un par de ojos marrones y la pestana muy bonita. Nosotros compartimos el pasatiempo juntas. Nos encantar hacer deporte especialmente tennis. Toda la semana, vamos al campo para jugar tennis. Nosotros siempre salimos al cine y disfrutamos de pelicula. Nosotros dividiros todos los problemos y secretos tambien. Espero que nuestra amisted sera duradera para siempre.

Hehehe.. that was first espanola langua essay..but that was long-long time ago..and the story could not fit the bill as we speak..i mean, things have changed the way it was meant to be..maybe.. i don't know..

well ..what's coming up for the weekend,?emm..myknightandshinning armour will come here and together we'll fetch my engagement ring..maybe i will be uploading the engagement ring picture in future.. yayyy!! and..we'll do some shopping for the sake of it..

Actually last night we had a lil bit of misunderstanding. He said i was not that excited to getting the ceremony as a normal person will do.. at first, i was taken aback and quit shocked to hear the statement. I cant be more wrong and i admitted all that because of some factors that truly bothered me and the consequences were,...1=i am not that excited and energized by my engagement to be...2=we had this little argument.

It's not like i'm not excited for this..i really do..BUT..there were my thesis, my work that always come and haunting my mind..and at the end..i will be depressed by the unfortunate that have came upon me.. I am sorry honey..i will eased all of that and i will try to make it work no matter what..

That is my promise..



AyinEmran said...

hey, sonok nya mau shoping2 barang bertunang. I have diamond n plat membership card. mau guna? dpt disc on rings.

Pali said...

wow..bole dapat diskaun eh..dah beli la time la kot..time nikah nanti..hehe..rin nk diamond tak?..:)