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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I feel so lazy to get up from bed this morning. Jejajo was sleeping with me last night. Sambil layan dia berborak, saya tak sedar pukul berapa we went to sleep. Pagi-pagi lagi dia dah tersenyum2..(nasib baik dia tak kencing atas katilku ini huhuhu)

On the way to work, i screamed out loud avril lavigne's songs: HOT. At the end i knew why i am not a singer. haha

ooh..forgot to tell and myknightandshinningarmour went to do some shopping at Jalan TAR for the engagement stuff. I bought him songkok from DEN WAHAB and sejadah. And we did some window shopping for baju nikah, tell you the truth, i dont know why i am so afraid to decide what colur should i wear for the nikah ocassion? Would it white or pink or brown or purple or light green..i want it to be simple yet catches everyones attention that day..of course almost everyone would have think like i do..kan?

And THE RING..yes, i find it hillariously sparkling and frosting and bedazzling very much indeed. ok..i am not the person who knows the diamond stuff like the back of my hands, but i like it to be big and sparky and obvious. some of my friends once have had laugh at me about this,hehehe ..

I cant upload the picture (sorry guys) because myknightandshinningarmour said it will not be a surprise anymore..

huhu..have had to obey him..


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