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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I am truly admits that i am really behind those technologies and stuff..ya i know, kinda conservative am i? and i happened to notice the trend now is tagging which i find it interesting know people's thoughts and feelings at times..and im gonna try to tag maself and friends..teheheeeee..

1.What would u do when u wake up this morning?
I shut off my alarm with disgust..hehehe

2. How and what can make u really angry and pissed off?
3 of them: heat,crowd and hungriness

3.The last person you be with?
Min the Clerk.

4.Favourite movies?
Anything about Tom Hanks will do.ngeee

5.Do you miss someone?
Yes i do.

6.Do hate people and who?
Yes. Lotta times. need i name them?

7. Worst experience ever?
emm.. When i descending Gunung Nuang by my own. Depa tinggalkan aku sorang2! huwa!! scary man...

8. Current crush on ?
Hujan. Local band. the music totally blow me up in the sky..

9.Favourite color?

10. Things that compulsory for you whenever you are out?
My cell phones,

11. Your obsession? it calms me down. and brings me up when im down. tehehehe

12. What boring you most?
People bragging about some lilttle stuff which, i dont even care of..Hipocracy

13. What is your ultimate weakness?
I can't hide my feelings. it just shows on my face. Owh..people can tell this.So many times.

14. Can you cook?
err... InsyaAllah..setakat ni tak pernah ada orang mati sebab makanan aku..hehehehe

15. What and who influenced you in life?
Drew Barrymore in 50 first dates. (dont ask me why laa..), my sis, Ayin (how OCD she was and ya BIG thanks to her for indulging myself with coffee)

16. Favourite books?
So many of them. Cant tell. Grisham's will do too.

17. Which celebrity you really wanna meet?
Emm..tanak jumpa pon.leh?

18. What do you really wanna do in life?
Get rich (but really put my feet on the ground), bungee jumping, travelling around the world, emmm belajar menjahit (guys, dont laugh, i reallly want to do this )

19. Favourite spot to hang out?
Tempat baru with my friends, mamak bistro kat Pandan Mewah, depan previous spot for hanging out. mekdi.hahahaha

20. what do you really afraid of?
emm.. Lizards.Gecko,snakes. All amphibians, reptilians,ouhh ya before i forget, takut lipas terbang2.

And so i past this to whoever read my blog especially Yong, Yan and Ima (kalau2 depa wat blog gak)..


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