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Friday, January 4, 2008

As it may seems like...


As the title above, that is how my feelings are right now..and so many things, infacts major things had happened during 2007. They were:

1) I found my soul mate and how we destined for each other are kindly rare things to happen. Hihihi

2) I met few guys in my life. Fell in love just to kill my past time..yet they coming back for me love..go to hell..

3) I been hired!!yeayy!! the sad thing just about the unappropriate salary if it can be match with my qualifications…emm sabar je la..

4) Prior to the above, fortunately I finally finished my never ending labworks that sucks my life out , most of the time..

5) er.. some more happy moments with my friend and family yet I think I will keep it to my self

6) I think im getting matured day by day..tehehehe…(I hope so)

basicly, 2007 was a promising year to build myself as a grown up person. I hope with all my strength that I have gained, I will be a stronger, confident and a successful person in this year ahead..

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