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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Runaway...

I could not wait for this coming friday.. Where me and my best buddies will escape from our boredom of work and free ourself to Pangkor..YeaYY!!!

Sandy sky...wait for us!!hehehehe

Photo by: Myknightandshinningarmour

There's the list has to go:

a) Transportation: Yong (Checked!)
b) Banker : Imah from Exim bank (Checked?!)
c) Yan : Sun block provider and informer (Checked!)
d) Me: Head of the contingent (Checked!) hehehehe

I really hope this getaway can release me from the stress and hopefully our friendship will be blossom by it..

P/S: Imah jangan lupa ur penalty..hehehehehehehhe


MiSzEniGmA said...

ima kene penalty??wahhhh..die byr lebeh eh??lalala

aeryn said...

dia sebab tak dtg meeting aritu..kena belanja brekfast at pangkor!hakhakhak (emot 2thumbs up);P

Pali said...

tu gambo dr internet la yang..kalau naik kapal terbang leh la snap mcm tu..kih kih kih

Pali said...

photo eh..bukan photos..hehe..sowii