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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

selamat tahun baru 1429 hijrah!!!

"Saya agak ada banyak salah faham. Mungkin sebab saya mendiamkan diri. Saya mahu diadili kerana kerja saya. Saya mahu diadili kerana apa yang saya buat untuk orang lain"-Hillary Clinton.

Today is my first of my lecture since the long semester break. I feel so excited yet so worried and the adrenaline rush was just hillarious. Fortunately every class i attended was OK. Except for Biochemistry I class that i ended it up sooner than expected hour (because it was only an introduction of Biochemistry and i dont know what to babble about anymore).

So, i got about an hour to kill and so i went to library to kinda hide myself (org melaka kata mengulau) and believe me, i feel totally guilty. To make it interesting, there was a culprit at my office who claimed she was the best lecturer ever.She was the one who claimed do all the works by her self and arranged the schedule by by her own way??hello laa.. is the catch.. this, is the moment that she been waiting i enjoying my time reading newspaper and stuff...she caught me red handed while i was mengulaing ( there such a word..mind my language please..hehehe) Im dead meat so i thought...

Then i sent sms to my collegue ( atrusted one of course) told her my worries about being caught red handed and that she already got a point to blame me in future..but my collegue said something soothed my heart..the reply was..

"rilek la..kelas pompuan B.S tu lagi SEPATUTNYA (ok guys, this is the part when you should read it out loud) habis at 4 oclock. Dia selamba je came out earlier than you?"


So.. quotes and unquotes of Hillary Clinton was just about time. This is where i could not defend myself and being judged by other people. I know it was not right to end up class earlier than supposedly but, cmonla.. when i already finished my duty..what more can i give??

Anyway, i hope that she will never ever cought me up again that way. For i hate being slander and bad talked-about behind my back.


P/s: Jgn lupa bc doa akhir and awal tahun ye kengkawan...

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Pali said...

selamat tahun baru 1429 utk empunyer blog...