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Monday, June 6, 2011


About a week more, i will be off to Tehran, presenting my paper in biosafety and genetic congress.

Lucky me, i have 2 Iranian friends, not so close, but just friends. And they seems to be a helping hand when i need a favor. Which came to my regrets, that i once neglected the friendship back in the lab.

Morale of the story: appreciates all people around you because you never know who you will be asking for help one day..

So i have a hella works to do. My biggest concern is my presentation. Just now i mention that my Iranian friend is so much in helping hands? yes, at first she asked whether im the only Malaysian speaker, and she even mentioned to me that she called the organizers there (happened to be her friend) and the person told her that one well repute speaker are gonna be there. You get that? i mean, im so confuse and here the conversion:

please dear Allah, im not that eminent speaker, right? im just a novice and a rookie and i ..i...i............

wanna scream.


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