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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rising of the Black Gold...

Well..more and more disaster is coming..

The latest was the rising of the petrol price as much as 40% that is from RM 1.92 to RM2.70. And that was BULLSHIT. Enough said.

Err..i still wanna talk about though.. i mean the idea of increasing the price of the valuable "black gold" was totally ridiculous. And the idea of rebate also does not make any "F WORD" sense. I mean it was not fair to those people (like me) who has the "unsatisfying" salary AND travel far-far away from my work place to my home. Di mana KEADILAN???!!! hehehe (errr can u still smiling at this time chokin' around?)...sigh....

Lucky me that i was already filled up my tanks prior to the rising.. But then i still have to came over the the massive traffic jam yesterday caused by the "PETROL MEGA SALE"..thanks to our government for the brilliant idea to rise up the price of the petrol and super duper genius for constructing the MRR2 inefficiently hence causing us the Malaysian citizens much much more in vain.

To add up more pain in the arse, i bumped to watch one of the panel of consumer rights to speak of the issue of the rising price of the petrol and what has came out from his "F WORD" mouth was really2 annoying. What was he said? He said that this is the time for the rakyat to show their ability to manage the monthly budget and spend money "more" wisely. Ok. That was Shitty.

O.K...Maybe i am not the economist who knows the economy things like the back of my hand but still i have to voice out my unsatisfaction towards the issue. Something has to be done in order to attract more outside investment into our country to upgrade the economy.

And the salary of worker in the private sector has to be increase in order to minimize the rakyat's burden (like me). I do feel there was a lot of difference between our nowadays kerajaan and 10 years back. Ohh. now i miss the touch of the previous government...Am i being overrated?..Come on man, i just voice out my opinion and as the democratic country, i am freely can speak what ever i wanna speak, am i? Take it or leave it.

I am thinking about restructuring my way of life, cope with this issue. Maybe i rent a house near to my office so that i can walk. Or even by bicycle, perhaps? and cut of lunch or prepare food from home..cut down shopping. no more shoes. no more outside food galore. no more movies. Sit back and enjoy the pain at my home.

I hate my life right now. I really do. Mind me people..i have the rights.


seiza07 said...

sng jer solution prob minyak ni... kite pakat naek beskal... muhahaha. xpun tkr NGV.... cut d cost skit. tp memula kna invest lebey skit tukar enjin hik.

MortEscura said...

lol if you rent an apartment...

will you save money by walking?

If so, I'd go for it!

The main idea is: save money!

Not because money is the best thing in the world. But because money is a tool. And it will allow you to do those best things in the world.


Have a great day!

Best regards,