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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sorrow ...

I just got back from attending one funeral of one of the relatives that she died because of cancer in the liver. Mixed up with my own feelings, i am terribly hating my self right now and eventhough i am not supposed to feel like that. i looked back at all the sins that i have done in my life just make me feel that i am not ready to die at this age simply because i have not repenting at some of the things that i have totally regretted did it last time in my life..and there seems not much of ibadah (sunnah) that i do nowadays selain dari yang wajibla..

We can not know when we are gonna die, arent we?

Semoga roh Allahyarhamah makcik timah binti hj amin dicucuri rahmat..dan semoga diampunkan dosa2nya..amiiin...

and back to my sorrowfulness-pathetic kinda life..(actually i kinda happy with this way..err is ayat penyedap hati norazrin??)

i am again feeling a bit of disappointed, jealousy and tired of some people that keep whining at small stuff or things that they think that was all the burden in the world that they have to come across to.

A friend of mine was calling me up at one day while i was in a middle of a work just to say that she was a bit hurted by some people's thought or a comment to her. i fell like as she was spill it all up to me, i was not focusing at the issue but rather to self pity my self (i know i shouldnt done that) but yeahh, i was devastated actually. in a real life. much than her do. Why cant people like her that always gets what they want in life be thankful and bersyukur to Allah for all the blessing? that was emblazoned in my mind..

how come you can be affected by someones opinion or thoughts? i mean like me, i like to mind my own business and alhamdulillah up until now i can survive out of it.

i need a good sleep la..

1 comment:

MortEscura said...

I'm going to write a sentence here...
And I want you to think about it carefully! okay?

So... here it comes:

We should leave bad feelings, hurtful memories, unholy things, for those that practice them!
You can't gain NOTHING for being a victim! Being a victim is worth:
N O T H I N G.

You are the author of your own history, it's never given a chance to you without the opportunity of taking it! Now, GET UP, and DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!


Life is so beautiful...

I wish i could help everyone that has hunger and is deceased... I'd be so happy, all the time.
(there's always someone out there in worse situations than us and we always tend to complaint so damn much!)

Best regards,