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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The happening..

Last nite me with my fiance went for a movie of Mr. Night Shymalan, The Happening. I must say that the movie was scaring indeed. Why? i gives credits to Mr. Night Shymalan for the brilliant idea and obviously he has done his homework by research.

As a biochemist, i found this story as interesting as it can be compared to my fiance ( He is from engineering line so he does not speak biology). It was about the war between nature and human being. The story line was asimilated from a nature phenomenon known as "Red Tide" where the trees releases a chemical that functions as neurotoxins that acts antagonistically to the neurotransmitter of human being. That will cause people to stop think rationally and somehow triggers themselves to suicide in the most gruesome way. I do think that the actions of toxins will cause chaosity in the human brain. AND to make it worst, this toxins is an airborne! As i watched it, i really feel it real. i really do.

Mark Wahlberg acted as science teacher that understand the nature and survive the "tide" until it was over. At the same time, Mr. Night Shymalan has touched the audience with a little bit of love by the wife.

At the end of the story i think that Mr. Night Shymalan has succedeed to scares the audience, and this time, not with the ghosts and zombies, but indeed with the other way. What can i conclude here is that, the thing that is always close to us, and really can soothe us can also be the deadliest thing ever in our life. And Mr. Night Shymalan has found it and make it to the people.

And oohh.. before i forgot, there has been some flaws in the movie where people can see visible microphone (or the boom) that were used in this film. I catched to see one.

I gave 3.5 stars to the movie. hehehehe (rasa macam movie crytic plak)


Pali said...

hehe..tak puas hati tngok citer ni sbb tak paham..rase nk marah pon ade..tgh2 pk ape yg berlaku..tetiba ada plak part2 lawak dlm citer ni..rase mcm citer ni gelakkan pada org yg tak paham citer je..hehehe

tp yg bestnye..ada org yg berusaha citer balik citer ni masa on the way balik..sian dia..jenuh bg contoh supaya senang citer n senang nk contoh keter takleh jalan sbb enjin lah.hehe.beria2 la dia citer...thanks syg..abg paham dah citer tu..

aeryn said...

hehehe busuk!hehehehe

thanks too...

MortEscura said...

the movie was alright, but far from great! =)