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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My birthday Bash

I was never been surprised for my birthday bash cuz usually i dont celebrate it as much people do with all the parties and such. Just not my custom i think? i remember that the last birthday that i had was when i was nine years old. Come to think of it. Hahaha

SO. Lucky me that fiance had a meeting at Putrajaya and he managed to spend time with me after that. He gave me this for my birthday. Thanks hunny!

A novel of my long time favorite author, Grisham!

And ALso the fabulous lunch we had.

So, when he brought me to dinner at just kopitiam (OLDTOWN, bad.bad.bad. service), while prior to this he keeps on mentioning fancy place for the dinner, i began to sulk. Here the proof. hahaha
Gambar ni perlu dikecilkan, sangat hodoh.

When he tried to snap my sulking-ugly face, i out burst a hilarious laugh. Cant control it. Hahahaha.

And we chat over this creamy ice tea and out of nowhere, came these monsters to surprise me up. Together with the Secret Recipe's Choc Mud Sinful BAD.BAD.BAD. Cake. hehehe. They really surpised me cuz i just thought that they might not be coming and usually we just lepak at mamak's.

From David Cook!BUT, Ipoh Mali.hehehe

Me, Yan and Yong. They planned this for me!

Itu! Kek Sedap!

It's Me. Killing it softly..

It's piece a cake!

So, i thanks to this Myknightandshinningarmour for the lovely birthday bash i ever had in my life..i love him even more time by time..And also to yong, yan and ima that had put on all their effort to make it happened. Thanks guys!

And also to Ayin for the blog about my birthday.


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Pali said...

dari animated cake terus ke choc mud..emmmm