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Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 begin with Alhamdulillah..

THIS is something i called unexpected..

I just browsed through the webpage of the journal and accidently found THIS. THIS i posted in here, twitter and facebook NOT to show off, NOT to brag about something bla bla and bla BUT THIS is a proof TO MYSELF that do not at all underestimate what you do in your life BECAUSE it could mean something for others.

I have came to my ex-supervisor yang cute kacak tapi sebennarnya hampeh back in university and asked his permission to publish THIS. But the answer was devastating and HE did not care so much for what i think.

But, hey guys, if you think that you can do something while others just think vice versa, my word to you: DONT CARE ABOUT THEM, DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT THEM, JUST GO ON AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND INSYAALLAH YOU CAN DO IT.

Even the impact factor is only 1.789 (in biotech a good paper can go up to 8-9.0), (but in agriculture 0.1-1.2) but heheh, i managed to get my boss a big smile form him.

Only ALHAMDULILLAH i can say.

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