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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I thought....

It has been a while since i updated my blog. Sigh...What a lazy bum i am. No, Lazy is not the correct word, i just full with the responsibility as a mommy to Aiyris Zarra.

So, i thought to myself ( a lot actually, that happen to be in my mind right now as we speak). So, i said to myself, this is the feeling of being mom. i can say that almost most of my time is dedicated to take care of the baby. I need to feed her, bathe her and even sing her lullaby to sleep. Those time for myself were gone. No more time to waste as to do my own thing like reading, surfing the internet and what not. But regardless what i mention just now, i am enjoying the chores as mom. Big GRIN ;)

I just finished reading New Moon, a great and intriguing start. But mellow at the end.
So thus the movie i guess (haven't seen it yet)

I am actually thinking about the future. I feel obligated to change it in a way. For it to be secure.


crack cracker said...

aku tak suka ending dia moon.. lagi satu dia lebih banyak cerita pasal si Jacob je. last sekali je edward aka mat jambu da way congratz untuk title baru " mommy"..heheh.. dari miss ke puan.. dari puan ke mommmy..kekeke..:D

aeryn said...

shamsul: hua hua hua tenkiu2. ko tak jumpa lagi anak aku, sebijik fotostat muka suami aku org kata la..jacobmmgla, ko tgk wayang ke?

smoochyn said...

ehh shamsul.mmgla new moon ni cite psl bella ngn jacob..da mmg camtu story bookline nye..heheh..tunggu la eclipse ngn breaking down barula totally psl bella n edward (*wink wink) and jacob skit2 jek..hahah
min: kiss kan zarra on behalf of me ye..heheh..n mommy zarra take care tau..lotofluv