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Monday, November 23, 2009

House/apartment hunting.Anyone?

Yesterday me n husband went out looking for house/apartment. And i never thought that the hunting would be this hard. i know, that i am still in the pantang mood but, this has to be done nevertheless.

So, went home and still searching. went through the internet to find the right home that suits our budget(ehem, bajet dahla ciput,huhuhu).

So, if any of you out there that happens to know any house/apartment to rent around Serdang/Sri Kembangan/bandar baru Bangi, Please let us know asap. Your true coorporation are really being appreciated by us. thanks.

(Kenapa aku rasa macam tulis surat rasmi ni? sah! english aku dah berkarat!)


M@YaZ said...

Salam kak rin,

area puncak jalil dan equine pun nak cari gak ke? kalau ok nnt jat tolong snap pic dan amik no tel.

aeryn said...

boleh gak..huhu, thanks