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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quit or not?

I been sitting here, so deep-in-thought of quitting my job. But so much in my mind that bears me. and hold me into stagnant.

This workplace are:
  1. Too far away from my home. I had to commute 70km daily.
  2. The salary is so so so not worth the tasks. I bet you, my sis with just her minimal qualification (SPM) is way better than me.
Okay, that just the reason i could reveal here. I am so dissapointed with everything that happened and thus blaming myself for the fact that i had over-expected from myself. I had no idea where went wrong. Maybe this is life. This is it.

I had to call it a day.



M@YaZ said...

cari dulu keje lain .. baru berhenti :D

MiSzEniGmA said...

its better to have a back-up plan..tapi kalau dah xleh tahan..hmm..yong penah resign without any back-up sbb kronik tahap maximum..u have to seriously think about this my dear. papepun, i know u will make a good decision.. :)

aeryn said...

M@YaZ: thanks. will do.

Yong: i hope i can endure this pain till i can stand.