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Monday, May 25, 2009

My Fall..

Maybe it is not my time yet. But i just have to admit that i am too, i mean, too giving up on my work life. I have not being paid up for nearly 2 months, and etc2..

Now, the phrase of " Overwork, underpaid" is no longer applicable in my life.

"Overwork, WITHOUT WTF paid" is much more likely to fit in.

I'm gonna quit my job, yeah, eventually.

And i feel totally such a loser right now.
Sometimes i can be so strong and i can tell myself, i can overcome this, I can face this up, i can stand this on my own feet.

But i have to put back my feet on the ground by admitting that staying "here" is just a waste of time.

Life just work differently on people. Some are being given so much bless and easiness in their way.

But some, like me, It is the other way around. Maybe some of you that is so eager to know how my life really was like, could be smiling up to your ear reading my fall this time of my life. Like, someone that could do anything just to know my private life, even you have to google down just to search for my trolley-sucks-outdoor-moments for my wedding picture. There, I said it!

And this time, I now know that who is really true friend of mine. Because, one could offer their shoulder for me to cry, one could even offer me money if i really in need, one will always ask about how am i being doing, still alive or not..

BUT, some who claimed them self true friend of mine would just pretend to care about me, or even ask me about my conditions before we switch off to their problems, and i, have to bear my damn ear to hear your so called pathetic life.

Ohh, life could be good and at the same time cruel if i can spill that to your faces, right?

Come on, just laugh ALL you need!

This is my time to fall.

But when i regain myself up, there is no way you can see me falling again. That, i assure you.


MiSzEniGmA said...

"But when i regain myself up, there is no way you can see me falling again. That, i assure you."

(this phrase rocks!!!!!! you r not falling.u r just going through a really bad time in ur life (on ur work of course..). ur time will come & u will regain urself..that, i can assure you my dear :)

smoochyn said...

hmm..praying all the best to all my loves ones..including u..

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