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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It ALL about.......


1) Have been longing to have a pair of clarks/crocs shoe. I just realize a bruise on my toe after the high-heels-interview-sucks-kinda moment.

2) Do not want to work here anymore. Boss, if you want to sack me, please do so. So i can leave in peace. Peace yo!

3) Pregnant. Yes, 4 and a half months already.

4) Getting fat and fatter everyday even i dont consume that much.

5) Love my friends, Yong, Ayin, Ima, Yan, Lin, Ina.

6) Hungry at this moment. Logic?

7) Like to have cendol by the road side by now.

8) Gonna get it now.

9) Shall wait for my colleague.

Is this entry is all about me, getting cendol? erghhhhh!! tension!


✖₪ F A R H A N I ₪✖ said...

hahaha. kak rin apeni? relek2. ibu2 kne releks. hehehe

MiSzEniGmA said...

cendol..waaaaa..ok gak kan, lepak di bawah pokok, makan cendol..syoknyeee!

p/s: luv u & the rest too :)

aeryn said...

Poni: tgh rileks ar ni, huwa huwa huwa

yong: sedap2, makan la..

crack cracker said...

tadi je aku pulun cendol kat masjid bukit damansara sebelum solat jumaat..hehe..nape ko tak bg tau awal2..leh ar aku belikan tuk ko..heheh..