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Friday, September 19, 2008

Innocent Man

I was pondering on how this life can change us.

Into something we are not. Or Destined to be.

Oh, that was just my thoughts. I had a lot of them this time around.

I was just finished 2 novels of Grisham's and maybe you might think that i should evolve too, rather than reading from the same author again and again. Oh, i just do not know. I fell in love with him. His writting and ideas. Superb and brilliant. At least that was my opinion.

One of the recommended novel of him ( if u are into suspense, thriller and excitement except for the fact you will learn a whole lot of Law's term in it), is The Innocent Man. It was the last book from him that i read and most frank and true story of all. Based on a true life of innocent man and i guaranteed to you that it is gonna be turning pages that kept you from doing anything!huhuhu.

Even i scared to plowed under it and survives knowing it's ending.