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Friday, September 5, 2008

I want that!

I am a complicated person by sometime in my life. I think of too much and expecting too much out of it and resulting me the severe exorbitant pain in the arse i must say.Is it that maybe i like to torture myself or it just by the nature? See? i am thinking too much.

I am extreme.

Sometimes i think too much like i said. Sometimes i do not want to think of any.
But i am doing a lot of thinking lately about what lay ahead of me for me.

I had a friend who i considered her as my rival of a lifetime. She is very-very persuasive and had a low tolerance for her ambiguity in life. Maybe, i think that her life is almost perfect that makes her that way. And for that i envy her. She always knew what she wants and it seems that life is always cater her needs. Or was i just exaggerated?

And now she is pursuing her PhD in Edinburgh and of course was fully funded. Now i have the reason to be envy right?

But when i think into it deeply i found that maybe this is the best that Allah give me for my very good own sake.

But it is not wrong to be a competitious right people? In a good way though.

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