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Friday, September 12, 2008

Just go with the flow,..

I had such a calamity about myself lately but i just go plowed with it. Ramadan seems nice to me, though, and somehow i would feel such at ease by this blessed month. Even i have to berbuka puasa with only me and my brother, or just me alone. Having thought of how i missed the family environment making me feel a bit mellow. But i guess, hey, this is the way my life is and there is nothing wrong about it. OR, at least i have my brother to accompany me to berbuka puasa. Just lacking all family material. Thats just it.

Sometimes i can be down even by all time i am a optimist kinda person. I always told myself that i have to be thankful of what Allah had gave me. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

Since i am lacking of family material and stuff like, in other words, a real family environment, i really hoping for my friends. Even i had little of them and some are escaping with their own life that was just fine with me. And it is naturally that we seldom will hurts somebody else's feeling without us realizing it. Just the other day i had hurt my colleague feeling unintentionally and i totally regretted it. Since i already considered her as a dear sister of mine and presumed she can take all the pranks and jokes that had been threw to her by US actually.

Quickly i realized the cold and silence treatment from her and i began to ask for apologize from her the same day. And i think even it has been rectified i presumed, the things can not be the same as before. I will not repeat the same thing again, never exhume the things on my own again and will always alert by where the limit is.

So i was wondering what is the best way to be your self and still able not to hurt some one's feeling?

So that was it.

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