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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sizes does matter..

I don't really know if some people could feel at ease when they have insult or humiliate other people as they think they are just joking. I mean, who gives the authorities or privileges to them to be saying so?

When i was in school, i used to be called CIK PUAN BESAR a.k.a permaisuri agong siti aishah as they "thought" my face was slightly similar like her which i think they said it just because of the size(Not a chance pon kan???kan?) so,i lived on with the name. I got discriminated in school during any events such net ball/volley ball/handball player elections. Only girls with looks and presentable body could be elected as player. I used to the object to be referred to when it comes to sizes. I used to put fake smiles in front of everyone just so they did not know what i gone through.. I dont know if i am paranoid or what but the word BESAR always, always offends me. I lived with the very slow down self esteem and this resulting me as an introvert kind of person.

Until that i discover i am not that bad in the sense of education. I managed to get myself to University and now obtaining the Master Degree Alhamdulillah ... It is not that i want to boast my self in here but the fact that you can stand up by your own feet despite all the condemns and humiliation towards you. World is being created by Allah with variation just for the human to live together and i think those relationship and connection must based on the respect towards each other.


MiSzEniGmA said...

1) u r beauty with brain!
2) u will not be as cute & ayu as u r now if u look like me or yan.. :p
3) remember this, kite kan lawa dari misha omar..ahahaha :)

miss said...

1)mutut mutut...100% agree..
2)nape name aku ade ni ekk...hmm...(emot konpius)
3)sgt betul...huhu..miahahaha

aeryn said...

3)Absolutely yes!