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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Payback time!

I made believe that life is not always beers and skittles. And some times when u are up, definitely there will be time that u will go down. That makes me stop from a hilarious laughter whenever i was in the middle of wackiness. i can never be the same old me i used to be before. My life has changed and i have to face it by myself..

FYI, i am teaching for a tuition class of a whole bunch of budak-budak kelas belakang. When i meant budak-budak kelas belakang, it did not mean that they are not clever but they are lack of attention and their behavior are sometimes intolerable. I was patience enough so i tolerate even more with this kids. Some how i came into conclusion that they are lack of attention and craved for more of it. I think from everyone. Teachers, friends and parents maybe?

I used to be one of them(in the sense, lack of attention, bukan kelas belakang). Back in school. I was a prefect who was ruling my school with my own rules. i came in late but pretend to watch out for the later at the entrance. I brought forbidden items where everyone else were forbidden to do so. I ignored some teachers that i did not like. Like they were never existed. I am terrible student. Now, it is a payback time!Serves me right!.

So, it is not that whats annoys me. What does annoys me most was the payment! It was not worth of all the sweats of high pitch that i served for them in class. yup..i will definitely quit this time and will try some other way to make extra money..

I am tired!Some more tiredness..

I am so terrible tired of finishing my writting. And alhamdulillah, he coorporated well with me this time. got the second draft and he said that i can submit the thesis by this month,yeay! (insyaAlllah). This time around i am so optimistic and forgive me to say this, but i cant even bear it anymore...huhu..

So, cheer up guys!

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