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Friday, August 8, 2008

Quikie me!

Random about me and my life in a quikie (nak balik dah dari opis):

  1. I was on medical leave last two days thanks to the toxin of blood cockle that i ate. Resulting me severe tummy cramps and headaches.
  2. I bought some hantaran stuff already and my jahitan manik improved on my test item. Can proceed to the next task which is my baju nikah.hehehe
  3. Im on the verge of completing my thesis after a long long long way..huh. Ini adalah rentetan daripada semangat yang baru saya dapat daripada kak yan, my collegues.
  4. Kak yan already graduated (UM) yo! Tahniah!!
  5. Mint the clerk pregnant for her second child.Congrats!
  6. Just got a new handphones from myknightandshinningarmour. Again, bersamamu segment kah?..This time yang ada camera.huhu we are so so so behind technology, sian kitorang...
  7. We have new celcom numbers. I will give u my number soon ya?
Till then, have a good weekend ahead! ;) wink2!

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