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Monday, August 4, 2008

I am missing something...

Saya berasa amat bosan dengan keaadaan seperti ini sekarang. Tiada kemajuan, sebarang pencapaian yang membanggakan pun tidak nampak batang hidungnya. Diri, maafkan saya kerana terlalu tinggi harapan digantung!

To add up pain in the heart, myknightandshinningarmour just left me! No. No. No, it is not what u are thinking. He left me back to Ipoh to continue his job there after almost 14 days spent here in KL. Was i mushy? Was i dependent enough so that i really feels he is not here with me?

So again i really feel i am not being myself anymore. Since i am convinced enough by myself that i am independent girl and do all my own things without any help (oh yes, i paid my car, house rent and bills, lots of them) by my own, i felts something is missing deep in my heart. Alahai! gelabahnye aku ni kan? But thats the fact. I miss him! and i never missed someone like this before! (Even i had a llooooootsss of exs)...useless one though..

I am independent, ok? i cant feel or be this way!..not a single time!

Now i could feels the pain one who being left by the husband either they passed on or they just left. It really hurts when you love someone and you just really dont showed it that much..

Or..maybe you and i, together we can blame my imbalance hormones (dah dekat due kot)..So this way i became lil mushy and lembek!!yak takssss!!

Ohh i reallyy misssss himm!!!

Ye, this is the time you all can call me minah jiwang..Busukkk

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