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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a nite!

Last night i had a mixture of exciting dreams i must say (err..even some horror element was there too)..

I was in an army squad where my team must escape from U.S. Troop and we had (i dont even know my team members in the dreams) our face covered with black ink to camouflage ourselves from the U.S. Very enticingly, there was a scene where i was about to climb up a stairs and had to laid down because the U.S troop was behind me and it was so dark that they didnt even noticed that i was there! at the same stairs! hahaha..lawaknyer la.. and it was very exciting feeling u know..( I must say that i am rarely have a dream during my sleep time, and maybe because of this, i feel this dream is quit interesting)..

And we managed to escape..

Then suddenly out of no where, i was in the middle of the CSI site where i was totally in no more army suit, and i had to follow the suspects to reveal where she had the corps hidden. And the women is so skinny and has this dull and pale face ( err she seems so spooky and scary) and it seems that we were all alone at the crime site..

I had to bent down again and to my surprise, i finally saw the dead bodies were hanging up upon the wall and the blood was everywhere..and she was smiling mischievously towards me ..

and then we were at the police station ( to my surprise the station was at Sunway Pyramid, boleh?) and there was no one there and soon after i want to go out, the women hold my hands and said that she wants to follow me (knowing how her modus operandi, it really bothered me at that time) and i said that "no, u cant come with me, your place is here"

i said it firmly. No doubts. I was scared. Very much indeed.

and kapoof!! i woke up at 4.30 a.m..

and i feel really scared and since i was having the bad time with my fiance, i cant seems to SMS him to tell him that im scared, am i? (babes, tak machola kan?)


What a nite!


seiza07 said...

gurl.. kind a too much in muvi scene.. huhu.

aeryn said...

huhu..entahla aku tersamupuk movie apatah..hehehe anyway thanks for the first time comment! really appreciate it!