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Monday, May 12, 2008


I was not feeling well last weekend. i had diarrhea and vomited several times. Maybe because of the food poisoning or maybe i was intoxicated by the mixture of chemicals that made myself to scrub the bathroom (thanks to the How clean is Ur house Series that i got this uneasy feeling). the chemicals was a mixture of turpentine and 2 spoon of a salt. It actually really worked on the molds that lives happily ever after on my bathroom wall. But due to the strong smell of turpentine, i only managed to made it half way. 16 hours later, i was waken up by the emergency call of nature..and vomited seven times until i puked out on everything left in my stomach..i feel real real bad..can even eat, cant even sleep, and to make it worst, i had this all by myself, no one in the house..well, i convinced myself that i had experienced this before and i told myself that that i would be all O.K.. (err i guess..)

With the bad feelings and need TLC much2 more than my normal, i really hoped that my fiance would give me some times as the cure (i cant even get up to take my pills) turned out not to be the way i want it to be..we had this huge argument (i think because of miscommunication) and i end up by merajuk..

I had already figured this out before..

All i need is TLC..

and now what i really need is my time ALONE...

even i had already much of it..


MiSzEniGmA said...

laa..teruk je bunyik..min ni, dalam sakit2 pun, sempat merajuk eh? hihi..hope u feel better :)

aeryn said...

majuk sebab tersendiri,huhuhu i need tlc!!