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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I need Ramadan.You need ramadan. We all NEED ramadan.

Indeed. yes we do need ramadan after all this world now full off tyrannical obscene people bullshits and whatnot.

Ramadan is approaching in about a week time yay! Alhamdulillah i managed to qada all my fasting last late spring and i kept and remorsefully say to myself : ruginya tak ganti puasa masa winter haritu. But came to think of it,  all things comes in a good reason. I can practise to fast during long hours day!

Im trying struggling to think well of people around me. I found that life is much easier that way. Maybe they are struggling or fighting a battle of their own that we have no idea about. Maybe they have lotsa money, can managed to buy anything, go about everywhere in the world, and even though sometimes you can find these people kinda boasting about what they have, I always always always say to myself : they just wanted to share their happiness to the world, let them be and be happy for them! I found myself genuinely happy with just instant cuppa coffe in my hand! My dear friend once told me how people around her have a Gucci just for shoes and LV Alma what is that i dont know handbags and my reaction was, What is that alma lv? ok kidding. I told her to be happy and calm and just focus to our study, let them buy all that sorts as they can afford to! Maybe they already give more to those in need more than we give, who knows? here we are thinking about how life is unfair to us but the people that we are referring to already done their part in this world, again, who knows? Allah knows. Seriously, their heart or intention is not a page of a book that we can read or tell. So why we can easily assumed they are boasting or showing off?

Same goes to a couple without a child yet. Dearies, please be patient and Allah is there with you. Be happy for those with children because you have no idea what a parent facing everyday with the kids LOL! Yes, kids can be adorable, funny and lovely awwwww......but all that comes with a price (if you know what i mean read tantrums, bad moods, wee wee and poo poo let alone lack of sleep!). Be grateful for what you have in hand:point blank! 

For that cant you see that Allah is great? And the most fair to all of His servants? And always remember that Allah knows what is there hidden in your heart. Dont ever think that life brings you unfair to what that you did not get, in fact the things that you want maybe bad for you.

Lets make a target to read more Quran this ramadan and continue the reading afterwards? Jom? Read also the tafsir, as it is the way that you can listen Allah talking to you. Like it happened to me every.single. time! When i do have a problem or uneasiness feeling, open up a Quran and bamm! an ayat related to my problem is there and solving my calamity. (reminder to myself too as im constantly battling with the fluctuating iman)

Just be kind, and you do just fine. Now where is my Asda instant coffee 47p per bottle come here to momma! 

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