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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Judgemental we are.

It is the norm of human life that people always and more likely to make assumptions. And normally they like to make assumption based on the first impression, and to make it more worse, it stops there. Without any further investigation and questions back whether the assumption is true or not. Everyone does it. Even me.Sometimes.

Just like the one case happened where the old and sick mother who is left at the the motel. And we snapped out and assumed and being a judgmental as we were, we took the liberty and the responsibility to make verdict that the son is GUILTY. Very few of us who actually take a moment to digest and ask what is actually happened. Are we in the son's/the mother's shoes to feel the real reality?

Just take a look at this.

It turned out ALL are wrong. once again, based on our biased assumptions, the son is terminated from work, lost his job and the source of income. The son is actually went for an eye operations and with no one who he could depend on to look after the mother, he has no choice rather than to leave the mother at the motel which is near the hospital.

Ask ourselves. Are we there to help him? Where are the other relatives? Where are the friends that he can rely on? All words and no action makes no difference.

And the charred remain of Dirang's case. One whole BIG picture that we FAILED to see. Almost all woman i know said that the mother is guilty to have let the girl went to the stores alone to buy Maggi instant noodle and eggs,and the mother is so self-centered busy with the Facebook and so on. But do we really know the situation? The mother is still in the confinement after giving birth for the third child. and ask ourselves. Where are the neighborhood when the incident happened? 

So, people. try not to quickly jump into the bandwagon and make a total wrong assumption. Takes time and don't ever judge people as it is the Allah's right to assume.

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