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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nama Aiyris Zarra bukan dipilih daripada novel yo!!

I came across one of this comment regarding my child's name. Ok, i was the one who picked this name and so i feel a bit annoyed by this comment:

"Wow, nama macam dalam novel?"

I mean WTF? i never a fan of malay novel except the good-one-worth-reading like Ramlee Awang Murshid's.

Do u really think i give a crap by reading aisya sofea, kirana kiranto, and others ?

Hell NO.

OK? Ko bagi la aku free pon aku taknak/takkan baca yang jiwang-jiwang meleleh ni. Yang so typically penceritaan mesti anak orang kaya, anak Dato' datuk wtf sume, yang handsome cantik macam bidadari la bagai, of which like really in wtf fantasy.

I hate it. Can u writters just write about true-reality kind of story? You have to be responsible for the brain damage of some teenager who really went down indulging into your full of crap.

So, moral of the story, i never picked my daughter's name outta crap of Malays -fantasy-novel.

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