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Monday, March 8, 2010

Latest updates


1) Aiyris Zarra had her first mild fever. I took 2 days off to be with her. She had and still have runny nose and cough once in a while. I been so worried and still am even when the fever is gone. Last night she vomitted all the milk she had before and i even worried more and more. Poor my girl. But she was at her best behavior i must say. not even clingy and needy all the time during the fever. Well done my girl! hehehe

2) Both of my proposal, RUGS RM30k (Research University Grants Scheme) and FRGS RM59.2 k (Fundamental University Grants Scheme) have been accepted. Ya. Ya. Well done to me and yaho. But it means, more WORK.WORK and what do you expect? WORK.Sigh..

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