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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Originality comes out clean baby..

I don't feel like blogging nor talking nor whatever. I just wanna keep my mouth shut.

Wahhh!!! Can be trusted meh??

No. I like to talk. Much lately.

And to think.

And to observe.

And to conclude.

One of my friend and me had the same dream of items that we could not tell in here. But suddenly all the dreams was grabbed by someone who think of better than anyone else.

It does not even matter to me frankly speaking. I could channel my appreciation and attention to a whole lot other matters that waaaaaayyyy to much important to me and my family and thus to the one that i care. I mean really care.

But, as i grew older with my experiences and my lonely time,(not because i am a loner..ohh maybe i was a loner last time but not now, urgghhh i really hate to admit that) i can concluded that someone like that, like to steal some one else's idea or dreams or imagination or whatever, can be either intimidated or just do not want to be left alone. You see, people do not want to be left alone and thus makes they do what anyone else do. Like you copy and paste exactly some certain things. (even it can be called stealing). Even you are so not into it previously. and condemn people about it. And eventually you becoming one.

Okay, i kinda emo in here. maybe because of the hormonal imbalance in my body (why girls always blame the hormone?)


MiSzEniGmA said...

"u can put the blame on me.." akon..blame it on him pun ok gak..

crack cracker said...

hehehe...last statement tak boleh terima..heheh..memang budak pempuan ni la last alasan dia orang untuk escape dari dituduh emo tak tentu pasal..bijak..bijak...:p

aeryn said...

yong: Blame it on her, blame it on me, blame it to the hormones! hahahaha

Sul: Memang la perempuan bijak, huhuhu, tapi memang hormone la beb, that gives big impact to the emotions. nak aku terangkan secara details? huh??

crack cracker said...

aeryn ini dia link kalau ko nak tengok blog tu..

HINA islam

aeryn said...

arghhh tension sebab opis aku block !cinabeng!