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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It feels like takin bullets!

Right now i feels like a bullet has made its way through my chest!

I am not sure whether his natural way of condemning people is good or it is just purely damn good.

I salute you for the title that you have. I respect you for the achievements that you got the whole of your life.

But these. Is way too much old folk!

This first bullet, of not recognizing my qualification,
This second bullet, of not respecting me as a mother as you said that taking care of a child is just damn easy for you back those days and why i cant do the same as you were.
This third bullet, of slandering me that i am not doing my job.

And i am taking that bullet soon enough.
I will take it out, enjoying the pain as i could.
I will take it out with my own way.
With all the sweetest time that i got.

I practically DO NOT CARE.
Do i look LIKE I CARE?!

But it is ok i guess. For now.

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