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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad. Bad. Bad. Intuition.

Tiada kata secantik bahasa..


I am totally exhausted of having this thinking that bothers me so much for last couple of days.

A friend of mine, a closed one who has been single for a while now, happily with the new person in her life. And as her besties, i am truly happy for her. That she has found her true happiness. She is deeply madly in love with the guy.

I have no problem with that.

But here is the catch.

Why is on earth, i am feeling something is just not right about this guy? The way he speaks and made others laugh when we were attending a wedding of a friend of us, i think it is a liiiiiillllll bit uncomfortable. Annoying at a time? Yes. And the guy succeeded to make me so low self esteem.I do not understand of why there are some people that likes to make fun of everyone else and they tend to ignore the peoples feelings by their words.

Basically i am fuckin dont care. I also can simply say those words back but i think, it is useless as their shallow brain does not fit the head for much i can see. Why can you just being polite and even so, just shut your damn mouth from hurting others?You are not that good though.

Am i wrong of having this bad intuition towards my bff as she had her happiness right now?

Yang ni tiba-tiba:
And my father, i have not seen him for a time i think.
apa aku nak masak for dinner tonite?
hubby went to grik..
And i miss aiyris, so much. Updates on aiyris, later yo!
nak balik. but must solat first!


Anonymous said...

i was so blur every now n then during the wedding. i did not 100% understand what he said / joke about..tetapi katelah, die ade bt lawak yg offended ur feelings, n me laughing at his words/jokes, do 4give me ye sahabat. er,ngir2?

aeryn mummy aiyris zarra said...

babe, you got nothing to do la with the offensive gesture/jokes/whateva.

btw, why anonimous this time?ngir.still know u ;)


Anonymous said...

wahahahaa..saje suke..i know u know :)

Anonymous said...

muahaha..saje je..i know u know.ngirrr :)