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Friday, June 12, 2009

Inside of me..NOW

People will never get enough of what they have, instead they will whine as they could and they stop and think and go on with their own life.

I am too, not being excluded.

I am really anticipating something. But seeing other got it and happy about it, i just could not hate myself more rather than muster that stupid fake smile on my face.

Why, ohhh Why,,,kenapa aku ni? (rasa nak sepak diri sendiri)

Could not i be patience a lil bit more? Why can not i wait a lil longer then?

And i really hate it when people come and say to my face, that i am a strong girl and that i can survive it no matter wtf and then they just leave me alone.

I just hate, dont you think? Like you could have care less la kan?

Stop this innerself bickering you old chap!

1 comment:

crack cracker said...

oh..sabar..sabar..bertenang2..dalam keadaan ko yang cam nie tak baik emo2..k..