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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is not entirely me

Masih lagi tiada mood untuk meng-upload gambar kahwin. Selagi saya tidak lagi menghantar tesis!

I was taken aback by some of the "talking behind my back" by those who think they are better in person rather than anyone else. They even doubt about my competency of having a child of my own!

Just because you talk nicely and not high in pitch, it does not mean you are pure in heart! WTF!
I admit myself, i like to curse, to swore to certain bad. bad. bad circumstances. I do. Being raised in the middle of the city and the world that need you to be competence, that would make you more aggressive and proactive i must say. But that just it. I barely hold grudge to people. I do not pretending. I hate even to be one.

I mean, only Allah knows you, right?

There some people who like to "utilized" me for their own sake. I was glad even sincere to be a helpful hand. But if they started to pissed me off, i would say "PERGI MAMPOS LA DENGAN SUME ORANG".

Do i look like i care?


(WOO,....this is the evil side of me)

do not worry, this is not entirely me.


MiSzEniGmA said...

we are human.we are allowed to curse once in a while.ignore the ignorant because they are just full of b.s!! >:)

smoochyn said...

f & P words come together..yeah.

aeryn said...

I am the all evil here la kan?

What ever..

AyinEmran said...

sabar sabar. biar je org nak kata apa. yg penting you know who u are.