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Friday, January 18, 2013

I dont know how she does it

Semalam tengok cerita ni.

Alahai. Bestnye la tetiba ada cerita ni masa nak lipat kain berlonggok depan tv kan?  Sambil doing laundry juga. Awesome.

I mean how she does it i an awesome movie for a working moms. How we have to juggle EVERYTHING here and there and everywhere.

The best part bila dia terlepas untuk gunting rambut anak dia yang pertama kali sebab nanny tu dah gunting rambut anak dia kat kedai gunting. Lepas tu pergi kerja menangis-nangis. HAHA.

But that is reality. That happens to almost every working mom. Regardless what your job are. Dahla Pierce Brosnan ada!

But that making list before sleeps part is very much similar to me. I do the same. I worry every thing and everytime. Like, Aiyris's baju need to be iron, sampah dah buang ke belum, and oh-so heaps-of-laundry, esok meeting apa, bill dah bayar ke belum and etc2.. List goes on and next thing i know i woke up running to take care everything. Thank you Allah, that YOU gave me a husband that really helps me juggling! hahaha

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