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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Confident. Emm! (baca ala-ala iklan sunsilk yang budak perempuan sapa tah tu cakap)

Really down motivated at the early stage of the day. Feeling accelerated at the middle.

This morning me and aiyris woke up together. And together we yawned. Having seen that, i laughed. But still feeling that 5 tonnes buckle of stones on my chest. Feeling so lazy as if the gravity pulled me twice than normal day. Sigh. What an exaggeration i had kan?

So, this morning i had the briefing about the centrifuge machine that done by this one supplier that i happened to know once during my previous workplace. I bet he wondered who i am because he kept glanced over me in wonder. Haha. I let the mystery remains. The catch for today, he had this trouble in clarifying some terms and i felt very,very itchy to just correct him. He comes from the one who more likely to say "what do you one (want)? you know what i mean?But i remain silent. Just the matter of respect.

As i went along the briefing about the machine, i had always one question that i need to ask to the person who handle the machine. And i asked him with (i think) very clear, easy-to-understand sentence. Like this:

"What if we want to spin it more than 11000 rpm then? " and All eyes on me. He looked at me in bewilderment.

"I am sorry, i could not understand your question" he said. So i have to explain to him. One by one. How on earth he could become a supplier with that capability of to understand, let alone the speaking skills?

I am not here to boast around, and i know what is the level of my english, but then, i feel very amused at the people who feel very confident and have a very high self-esteem. compared to me.


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