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Friday, April 24, 2009

Be patience, i told myself

Instead of having this urgency of end-furnished my powerpoint slides for the my master degree viva this coming tuesday, i never felt as ignorance as i can be to day. I mean i have to complete it today and send it to my superior late-supervisor. And i have this doubt to invite my ex supervisor to attend to this viva simply becuse some reasons i culd not mention here. Still, I linger on in here, blogging whatever that occur in my ignorance mind..

So, this has brought me into a deep consideration of having thoughts of my own in the office. What? Dont you have works to do?

Just so you know, i am not a whinner. Ok, some times i whines to my closest friends and family but not to all.

So just so you know too, i have been working without salary almost 2 months now.

Still, i never whines to my ignorance boss.
I have loaded with so much work. Mainly were last minute notice works.
But i managed to done it on time.
Without salary.Justify FullI been working for free.

I believe that this hurdles is one of the way of Allah wanna to test His servants.


1 comment:

MiSzEniGmA said...

org penyabar ni, insya-ALLAH banyak pahala die sahabat :)