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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am married and back on track!woohoo!!!

Macam tajuk entry di atas, saya might sound a liilllll bit crazily happy. Kan? Guess what, yes I am.
Being married to the person who you do not really know if he is "The One" for you i guess it was not as bad as i thought it would be. Kawan saya kata mungkin sebelum kawen ada banyak syaitan yang merasuk and nak gagalkan perkahwinan sebab dengan itu mudah untuk berdosa. Yela, dating pun kira dosa gak sebenarnya. But no ones perfect kan?

So, this time i will not tell you about how was my wedding yet. Sebab nak ingat balik the sequence of events that had happened that day. Plus have to upload the pics. Takes a looooonnng time and moods.

FYI, i really hate papers. Not only papers but heaps of papers. Skang ni saya kena semak 5 subjek, and all the nonesense essays are just waiting to crack my head up.Benci! and lotssssssss of hatred!To those papers i mean. ;)

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